Fourth of July Dresses You Can Wear Again and Again

  Happy {almost} Fourth of July! I love two things about this specific holiday. Number 1 – I can officially say that “the month after next is my favorite time of year,” because it’s almost September, which is my birth month and the official start of “Fall” in my house. Number 2 – Our bestiesContinue reading “Fourth of July Dresses You Can Wear Again and Again”

Five Summer Staples Under $100

Summer is HERE! Y’all already know this is my least favorite season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love certain things about summer. I really love not being 100% pasty. That 5% color I manage to hold onto throughout the summer is everything. Summer means we’re all spending more time outside (wishing the humidity wasn’t a millionContinue reading “Five Summer Staples Under $100”