39. Tomorrow, the man I love turns 39. For eight entire months, I’ll be married to an older man, and I certainly won’t let him forget how fortunate he is to have a young wife. And, after my own birthday later this year, I won’t mention his young wife again until he turns 40. It’sContinue reading “thirty-nine.”


 Choices. Everyone has choices. Everyone makes decisions. Some are good, some are bad, some are boring, some are exciting; some are not the choices we want to make so much as those we need to make for the greater good. Let’s take a moment to flashback to this past weekend. My husband and I madeContinue reading “choices.”


Perspective. Patience. One thing I have an abundance of, and one thing I would adore having an ounce of. If you know me in real life, you know my patience level is below sea level. It’s below the grandest depths of the deepest oceans in the world’s most remote areas where life may or mayContinue reading “patience”

twenty twenty one

Five years – January 2017 is when I launched my blog. Six months – June 2021 is the last time I published a blog post. Why? Because I was uninspired. I spent most of 2021 uninspired. It was a weird year, and it wasn’t one I cared much for while simultaneously feeling as if it’sContinue reading “twenty twenty one”