Priorities “That one simple word holds the key to either chaos or calm,” is a quote I came across on social media recently, and it resonated strongly. I don’t deal well with chaos – though it’s easy to assume that my life might closely resemble that being the mother of four kids, wife, and businessContinue reading “priorities”

for my kids.

There are no experts when it pertains to parenting, but there are many who have been there, done that, and who certainly have plenty to say about it. Being parents is the most fun my husband and I have ever had, but it’s also challenging. Oddly enough, it’s not been challenging in the way ‘everyone’Continue reading “for my kids.”


Love It’s such a lovely thing to be in love. To love someone so much who loves you back. To be blessed with a forever kind of love is a beautiful thing, and it is always my hope that those who have it don’t take it for granted. Because February is the month of loveContinue reading “love.”