About Tiffany

Welcome to Tiffanyraiford.com! Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and sit back, relax, and get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable. Life is insta-pretty but it’s the behind-the-scenes that make it interesting, and that’s what we are bringing to your life. What it’s like BTS of a full-time writer, mom-of-four, God-loving wife of a sweet, sweet husband, and fashion-obsessed Florida girl with a busy schedule, no time, and an obsession for sharing what gets me through each day (um, coffee and wine…and not necessarily in that order), how I survive, and what I’ve learned that might help others. And now, a little about me.

Things I Love 

  • Jesus
  • My Husband and our kids (I don’t always like my kids, but Oh Em Gee do I love the heck out of them)
  • Our amazing, beautiful, hilarious, insanely crazy, good-time, hysterical people
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Traveling
  • Going to bed super early
  • Wine
  • Florida Gator Football
  • Date Night
  • Fashion and makeup

Things I Do Not Love 

  • Being asked if I’m sure the twins are twins
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Abnormally strong tiny women who work as pedicurists and bruise my legs while I cry silently on the inside because it hurts and I’m afraid to tell them
  • The hour prior to bedtime
  • Kids who wake up before I’ve had coffee
  • People who block both lanes of traffic going exactly the same speed so I can’t pass them

*Not necessarily in that order


Where am I from?

I’m a Florida girl, born and raised. I live on the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State, even if you’d never guess by my pale, pasty skin. It’s the Norwegian in me (thanks Grandma Katherine!).


What’s up with your writing career? 

I began my writing career when our oldest daughter was almost 1. It was 2009, and I’d always had a passion for writing, and I was home with her doing nothing else at the time so I figured I’d try it out. It was such a whirlwind of landing a few clients, seeing my client base grow significantly, and eventually writing for and working with some of the most recognizable companies/brands in the country.

By 2011, I was blogging for What To Expect. That turned into an email from the NFL to collaborate with them, the CDC, and USA Football to promote the Heads Up! football program. I spent a year traveling back and forth to the NFL Headquarters in NYC to lunch with people like Commissioner Roger Goodell and some of the coolest and most talented sports/mom/family/health bloggers in the country. I also work with several fashion designers and companies, which means I get to do cool things like attend NYFW every year.

In the years before and after, I’ve blogged and written and published something like 30,000 articles for sites such as SheBudgets.com, Worthly.com, TVOvermind.com, Celebritytoob.com, Kittentoob.com, Puppytoob.com, and dozens of dental offices, law offices, travel companies, and more.


Why start a blog? 

Because people ask all the time. Our middle daughter, Ava, is quite the personality. It’s been suggested to me more than once that I blog about her, because people adore Ava Stories. My readers email me all the time, mostly with love but sometimes to tell me to die or that I’m old and bitter, and ask about where they can read my personal work about me, my family, my life.

I write all day, every day, but rarely creatively for myself. I figured it was time once I began receiving so many Facebook messages, Instagram messages and more from friends, strangers, family, and people I’ve never met telling me it’s so refreshing to see another mom who seems to have it all together but is quick to admit she definitely does not.

With so much positive feedback just from photo captions and status updates, I learned how many people I was affecting without even trying. I thought, “Why not blog about these things and let other people know that it’s okay to make the smoke alarms go off every time you boil water, and that it’s all right to dislike your kids on occasion or even have a favorite on occasion, or that it’s all right to admit you’re just too lazy and intimidated to potty-train your two-year-old twins so you’re enrolling them in school in hopes someone else will do it?”

So, there you go. I’m a good storyteller and I find the humor in pretty much every life situation; apparently, people enjoy that. You’re welcome if you love it, and I can recommend some amazing blogs to follow if I’m not your cup of whiskey.


How Many Kids Do You Actually Have? 

Four. 4. Quatro. Two plus two. Three plus one. Four.

It’s a lot, but when you decide you just have to have a third baby and that baby surprises you halfway through your pregnancy by being two babies, you just love them both and count your blessings.

Addison is 8, Ava is 5, and Carter and Charlotte are 2. They are everything. 


How about that handsome husband of yours? 

Craig. He is handsome, isn’t he? It won’t take you long to love him as much as I love him, because Every. Single. Person. Ever. loves Craig. I mean, it’s impossible not to. He’s my high school sweetheart (I’m not his…he was a freshman in college when we met during my senior year). Long story short, I knew the night I met him I’d marry him in 2001. We got engaged in 2003, married in 2005, and started having babies in 2008. I have more fun with him now than ever, and he still makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world (I’m telling you, he’s annoyingly close to perfect). He’s a great daddy and husband, he loves to cook, and he does laundry, ladies. Listen to me; don’t settle.


I’m sure I didn’t say all I wanted to say, or answer enough questions, or even touch on things you probably actually want to know about me, so check back from time to time as well as drop a comment to let me know what you’d like to know about me or anything else in my life!

Thanks for stopping by!