make happiness a priority and be gentle with yourself in the process

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Tiffanyraiford.com is a place where you’re going to learn a little bit of everything. You won’t find curated insta-worthy photos here. You’ll find real life photos I made us all take 798 times until I was satisfied I looked good before I even noticed how anyone else looked. You’ll find honest opinions. You’ll find I enjoy the F word. You’ll find I don’t care much what anyone thinks of me. You’ll find that my family is every single thing important in my life, and you’ll find that I cannot tell a short story no matter how many times I promise you I will.

Sit back and enjoy. I hope you take something from my page. Even if all you take is a sense of “Thank God I’m not a trainwreck like this woman,” that’s all right with me. We should all look for the silver lining, right? We can all stand to learn something new each day, and we can also agree that while those perfectly curated photos and stories are amazing and beautiful and we love to celebrate everyone’s successes and their joys, we also need to see that perfection is not reality and everyone deals with the same stuff. Some of us handle it better than others (and by us, I mean you guys. I handle very few things well…but I’m delightful when everything goes exactly my way, I promise).

being our messy, imperfect, authentic selves helps create a space where others feel safe to be themselves, too. your vulnerability can be a gift to others, how badass is that?

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