Bye, Negativity

Happy Wednesday, loves! How many negative thoughts have you had this morning? Hazard a guess. I’ve probably had dozens already, and it’s first thing in the morning. Honestly, it’s so hard not to find negative thoughts creeping in these days. Any day, really, but these days it’s almost impossible not to feel negative more oftenContinue reading “Bye, Negativity”


french toast.

French Toast Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. No, that’s a lie. It is not. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. I don’t eat breakfast (I know, I know, don’t come at me health and fitness gurus…I’m not hungry in the morning, I never have been, and I’m not forcing myselfContinue reading “french toast.”

home fragrance

Scent. The first thing I notice when I walk into someone’s home is the scent (second is the dust on your floor trim…). After all, everyone’s home has a particular scent of its own, does it not? Scent is a funny thing…my kids can smell a certain laundry detergent and recognize it smells like theirContinue reading “home fragrance”


Together. It’s my favorite place to be. As I sit here on my own pool deck enjoying the sunshine and the quiet, I cannot help but reflect on the past week. Our little (ha!) family spent the kids’ Spring Break at their favorite resort. It’s become something of a tradition for us to head toContinue reading “together.”

january books

Thirteen. That’s the number of books I read in January. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I make goals. My goal for 2023 is to read a minimum of three books per month. I already like myself (a lot). My life is good. I’ve exceeded my expectations and goals forContinue reading “january books”


January 2023. It’s been a slow month for my family. We started the year hosting a decadent dinner with friends and all the kids, and we spent the first enjoying the Bucs game against the North Carolina Panthers in a luxury corner suite with 34 of our friends and family members – what a day.Continue reading “january”


I struggle with anxiety. I often fear the worst (for example, that the elementary school is calling right now to tell me my son is having another seizure despite the fact that it’s been three years and nine months since he had his one and only seizure). I overthink and overanalyze every single thing. AllContinue reading “Peace.”


Grief It’s such a complex emotion, and it’s one no two people handle in the same manner. I’m not even convinced the same person handles grief in the same manner on different occasions. When I lost my grandmother last year, my grief was profound. It also turns out that it’s prolonged. Even after almost aContinue reading “Grief”


I struggle with anxiety. I think I have struggled with it my entire life, but I didn’t know I struggled with it until a few years ago. I thought I was obsessive-compulsive (how many people do you know who get out of their car and immediately vacuum the car after every drive and how manyContinue reading “anxiety.”


Moments There are moments in life that are just a little more special than others, and spring break 2022 was one filled with moments. We may travel often, but we rarely travel as just a family of six. We often have our friends and their kids with us. We have our extended family with us.Continue reading “moments.”


Simplicity Maybe it’s because in six months I celebrate my last birthday in my 30s. Maybe it’s because I live such a busy life between four kids, a husband, my business, home, travel, and everyone’s activities that I crave something the simple. Maybe I miss my grandmother so much that I find myself channeling herContinue reading “simplicity.”