Home Office Sneak-Peek


“You’re crazy,” is what I hear most when I tell people my husband and I both work from home, share an office, and spend 24-hours a day together. I get it, really. The idea of spending this much time with the person you’re married to might sound a bit insane to many people, but it works really well for us. For one, we’ve always been very ‘together’ in terms of our marriage and relationship.

You know that feeling you have when you first meet someone special, and you’re falling in love? You can’t seem to get enough of one another, and you want to spend every waking moment together? We met more than 15 years ago on a blind date, and we still feel that way. It’s never gone away. When I think of the person I have the most fun with, it’s Craig. We have serious fun together. We laugh – a lot. And we just never rarely tire of one another.


Working in the same office from home all day long doesn’t bother us – too much. Why? It’s simple; work requires our time and attention. We don’t do the same thing. I’m a writer with my own business. He’s an IT-genius who is always on the phone with his customers helping them through techy-stuff I can’t even pretend to understand. I’m always on my computer responding to emails, writing dozens of articles every day, and now I’m running my blog.

Sure, sometimes he talks to himself when he works, and his desk isn’t neat, and sometimes he doesn’t put enough half and half in the coffee he brings to me without me asking out of the goodness of my heart. Unforgivable. It works for us, and we like to work together from home. It’s been great for me, but a definite adjustment for both of us. His schedule is different now, mine is different now, and he kind of came in and messed up 8 years of pretty awesome weekday scheduling, but we adjusted and we’re good….most days!


Here’s a sneak peek of our office in the works. We’ve been rearranging, trying new furniture and new layouts, decorating, undecorating, and redecorating. We’re nowhere near finished, but we are certainly thankful we chose a house with a dedicated home office we can use without interruption.

You’ll notice there’s a floral theme. I’m obsessed with fresh flowers. I have to have them at all times (it began as a desire to have fresh flowers on the kitchen island and somehow spun out of control into flowers on every available surface in every room). This is a room we keep things that are important to us, like fun DIY artwork from a church party and our kid’s Kindle chargers (because they go through those things like most people do coffee). It’s our space. It’s a work in progress. It’s where we spend the bulk of our time.

If you work from home, what’s the one thing you can’t live without? Fresh flowers and coffee are my must-have office obsessions! Drop a comment and let me know what you need to get through the day.



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