Grief It’s such a complex emotion, and it’s one no two people handle in the same manner. I’m not even convinced the same person handles grief in the same manner on different occasions. When I lost my grandmother last year, my grief was profound. It also turns out that it’s prolonged. Even after almost aContinue reading “Grief”


I struggle with anxiety. I think I have struggled with it my entire life, but I didn’t know I struggled with it until a few years ago. I thought I was obsessive-compulsive (how many people do you know who get out of their car and immediately vacuum the car after every drive and how manyContinue reading “anxiety.”


Moments There are moments in life that are just a little more special than others, and spring break 2022 was one filled with moments. We may travel often, but we rarely travel as just a family of six. We often have our friends and their kids with us. We have our extended family with us.Continue reading “moments.”


Simplicity Maybe it’s because in six months I celebrate my last birthday in my 30s. Maybe it’s because I live such a busy life between four kids, a husband, my business, home, travel, and everyone’s activities that I crave something the simple. Maybe I miss my grandmother so much that I find myself channeling herContinue reading “simplicity.”


Priorities “That one simple word holds the key to either chaos or calm,” is a quote I came across on social media recently, and it resonated strongly. I don’t deal well with chaos – though it’s easy to assume that my life might closely resemble that being the mother of four kids, wife, and businessContinue reading “priorities”

for my kids.

There are no experts when it pertains to parenting, but there are many who have been there, done that, and who certainly have plenty to say about it. Being parents is the most fun my husband and I have ever had, but it’s also challenging. Oddly enough, it’s not been challenging in the way ‘everyone’Continue reading “for my kids.”


Love It’s such a lovely thing to be in love. To love someone so much who loves you back. To be blessed with a forever kind of love is a beautiful thing, and it is always my hope that those who have it don’t take it for granted. Because February is the month of loveContinue reading “love.”


39. Tomorrow, the man I love turns 39. For eight entire months, I’ll be married to an older man, and I certainly won’t let him forget how fortunate he is to have a young wife. And, after my own birthday later this year, I won’t mention his young wife again until he turns 40. It’sContinue reading “thirty-nine.”


 Choices. Everyone has choices. Everyone makes decisions. Some are good, some are bad, some are boring, some are exciting; some are not the choices we want to make so much as those we need to make for the greater good. Let’s take a moment to flashback to this past weekend. My husband and I madeContinue reading “choices.”