The Perfect Pop: You Need A Red Winter Coat

red coat

If y’all haven’t already heard, we Floridians are having a little bit of a winter experience at the moment. There were schools cancelled (and I’m just over here like who are the lucky people whose kids are already back to school while mine are home for another week?), businesses shut down, people panicked, and some of us had to go into the garage and start our cars and turn on the heat before we left the house (which also taught me the very important lesson that while I can push to start my car from anywhere in the house, the heat only works if it’s, you know, what you were using when you last turned your car off…oops).

It’s been cold, and it’s inspired me to remove my ages-old bold red coat from the depths of my closet behind the Lilly’s and the maxi dresses and the tank tops and flip flops. Yes, I own a coat. I ordered it about 11 years ago when my husband and I went to New York City for the first time for our second wedding anniversary. Other than a few business trips to Cleveland a decade ago, New York is the only time that coat comes out of the closet a few times a year.

But I broke it out this week – and I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments I received! Apparently, Floridians didn’t know about coats (haha) or people just really love the red wool peacoat that looks a little bit like a fun wintery dress that I wear. Either way, I received so many compliments in person and so many messages about the coat on social media I thought I better share.

Unfortunately, my red coat is old – and it’s from Victoria’s Secret. I know, right? How amazing is that? It was under $150, and it’s lasted me more than a decade. Of course, it gets worn two or three weekends a year, so that might account for some of that. It’s no longer available, but I did some digging and found some seriously amazing red coats in every price range and similar style for anyone who wants to add a pop of fun color and style to winter. It helps when you’re really, really cold.

1. Sofia Cashmere Coat – $320

2. New York & Co. Wool Trench – $48

3. Kate Spade Wool Boucle Poppy Coat – $500

4. Paul & Joe Belted Wool Coat in Burgundy – $400

5. Marni Cape Effect Wool Coat – $800 (originally $2,735 so this is a HUGE sale!)

I love an inexpensive coat for myself being that I don’t live in the actual cold but if you live where cold winters are a regular thing, investing in a classic coat that’s well-made and meant to last is imperative (did you see the price drop on that Marni!?)



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