#LaundryUpgrade Contest: Laundry Room Goals

laundry 7

I don’t spend much time in my laundry room. My husband does the vast majority of our laundry, and I’m not even remotely ashamed to admit that. He’s good at it, whereas I’m lazy about it. Well, maybe not lazy so much as just careless. Most of my clothes don’t get washed at home, and what does is pretty much yoga pants and underpants – and you can’t do much damage to those.

The problem – according to my sweet husband – is I don’t like to leave things undone. If there is any laundry, I want it washed. I can’t waste time leaving dirty towels dirty because there’s only two of them but plenty of kids’ clothes to wash. So, I ignore the whole sorting thing and just wash. I also (allegedly) over-stuff the washing machine and dryer, and I guess you’re supposed to measure laundry detergent rather than just eyeing it. Whatever.

laundry 6

So, laundry isn’t my thing – but I do love a good laundry room. In fact, my husband and I are in the beginning stages of a laundry room remodel. It needs it – desperately. All the photos included here are of our laundry room at home. As you can see, it’s ugly. It’s what it looked like when we bought our home, and we need to do some updating.

It’s got great bones. It’s HUGE. It’s the size of a small bedroom, and we tend to use it for a lot of storage. Christmas items we were too lazy to stick in the attic, our beer-rator (which sadly has much more Gatorade and water than actual beer), strollers, coolers, and cleaning equipment make themselves at home here. Like I said – our laundry room is massive and we want to make it more functional.

laundry 5

“Laundry rooms are no longer the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ room in the home,” according to Tim Johnson, Senior Director of Product Management at Masonite International Corporation. Masonite International Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and designer of doors for both interior and exterior use, and the company believes that every room in our homes should reflect our personal style.

As you can see, our personal style is so absolutely not reflected in our laundry room. Basically, it makes us look like people who have a vacuum obsession, a lot of kids, no desire to get into the attic, and a love of the Yeti cooler.

laundry 3

True story – I have a vacuum obsession (I have white carpet and four kids, okay?), we do have a lot of kids, we are too lazy to get into the attic, and we do love a good Yeti cooler. All right, then. Our laundry room does say a little about us, but it’s not stylish.

Our goal is to turn one wall into a gorgeous command center for our four kids and their school supplies. We’ll remove the bottom rack on the right wall to make that happen and so we can move the beer-rator over to the corner and out of the way of the window. We need white wooden blinds on the window, a new sink, and we’ll repaint the ugly cabinets a gorgeous shade of antique white, add some decorative baskets (for sorting. Please see my mental eye roll) with labels, and we will rip out the ugly tiles and install wood floors after painting the walls a lovely shade of light grey.

laundry 2

We have some serious laundry room goals – seriously, check my Pinterest boards – and I think it’s time you create some of the same goals. Imagine doing laundry in a room you love. How much nicer would that be? The amazing team over at Masonite International Corporation wants you to get excited about doing laundry, which is why they’ve launched a fun social media contest called “Laundry Upgrade,” and I’ve been asked to share this news with all of you.

All you have to do is take a phot of your old, ugly, outdated, boring, uninspired laundry room and post it to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #LaundryUpgrade to enter your photo in the contest for a chance to win one of Masonite’s gorgeous barn door kits AND a $100 Home Depot gift card to use to update your tired laundry room.

laundry 1

Don’t put this off, y’all. The deadline is April 30. Photos hashtagged after this date will not be considered valid, so you only have a few weeks left. And since we all know you have your phone in your hand at all times, there’s no reason you can’t snap a quick pic and hashtag it in less than five. Don’t forget to take a few minutes to check out Masonite and their gorgeous work at www.Masonite.com.

Good luck – and happy laundry days!


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