Much Needed Rest and Recovery: Back on April 12th


Hi friends –

My apologies for going MIA the past two weeks – and for planning on doing precisely the same the next two weeks. It’s been an overly stressful time in our household with all four kids getting sick, and now me falling ill. It’s been four very LONG weeks, and my body decided to tell me today it’s time for me to rest, recover, and focus on ME for a minute.

The twins came down with a terrible week-long stomach virus the first week of March, followed by our middle daughter getting sick the second week. The third week the twins got sick again, and this week we have twins with conjunctivitis and an 8-year-old with tonsillitis (which I also believe our 6-year-old is also coming down with). This is combined with three weekends away, spring break, the twins’ and our middle daughter’s birthdays, a cheer competition, and our daughter’s FSA testing this week. It’s been everything but slow, restful, and relaxing…and today my body gave out on me.

So, I’m taking another two weeks to rest, relax, and get my family sick. This means disinfecting (AGAIN), taking time to rest, clearing my schedule to get us all healthy, and focusing on getting more rest so I can get back to 100%. I’ve ignored my own health this month not sleeping enough, not resting enough, and not slowing down when my body is begging for it, and now I’m paying for it.

I’ll be back on April 12th with some super exciting ventures, some great new content, and some great new stuff for you all. Until then, stay healthy, rest, and don’t run yourself into the ground like I’ve done to myself!

Enjoy and I can’t wait to “see” you all in April!

  • Tiff

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