Friday Favorites: Bright, Bold, Beautiful Bobbi Brown Lipstick Shades You Cannot Live Without

Happy Friday!


I love Fridays. Today is a good one, too, because our big girls have their cheerleading camp showcase today to show off all they learned this week at camp, and they are so excited! It’s also a good Friday because my husband just told me I need to be ready to go in three hours. He booked a sitter, made a dinner reservation, and he’s taking me on date night – he is the best! We’re also leaving tomorrow with the little ones to spend the rest of the weekend at our favorite hotel doing all things pool-eat-drink-pool-fun related to celebrate my husband and his awesome dad-skills.

It doesn’t get better than this sweet life we live with our crazy little ones and our overly-booked schedule and our lack of time to relax or sleep or do anything we need to do. But, that’s how we like it – apparently!


In honor of Friday and the it’s my favorite day, I thought this round of Friday Favorites should include something I love the most – lipstick. I love lipstick. I didn’t wear it for a long time. I was more of a nude lip and chapstick kind of girl, but then I realized I was missing color on my face. Now I’m an advocate for bright colors, especially if they’re from Bobbi Brown.

My only complaint is my BB lipstick always comes off on my wine glasses or other glasses, but at the same time it never seems to come off my lips. I’ll take lipstick all over my glass since it still looks just as good on my lips and I never have to reapply.

Lipstick. Bobbi Brown. Right – I know where I was going with this. Today I’m sharing my five favorite shades if you’re into bold, bright, and beautiful colors that make a statement and always elicit compliments from actual strangers.

lips 1

If you love color, you’ll want to order these Bobbi Brown shades stat. 

Bright Pink

Raspberry Pink 

Bright Peony 

Parisian Red

Uber Red 

What’s your favorite shade or brand of lipstick?


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