Back in Black: 5 Amazing Black Sweaters You Need This Season

The week is half over, and that means you’re either pumped for the weekend (all the raised hands over here) or beginning to feel frantically overwhelmed with all that’s left to do (all the raised hands over here). Take it or leave it, the weekend is right around the corner, and you can do what I’m doing and crush the rest of this week or decide to make like Elsa and let it go.

I’m pumped this week – most weeks, but a lot this week. My yoga class yesterday gave me a high I can’t even come down from. First – I was early. I’m usually running into my 11 am class at 11:01 sheepishly apologizing without making any noise for being late while everyone else is already in the middle of their deep belly breathing. Oops.

If people actually drove the speed limit…

Yesterday, I was so early the lights in the yoga room were on and the instructor and I walked into the YMCA together from the parking lot. She stopped me to tell me she loves watching me, and she’s really proud of how strong I’ve grown since I starter her class twice a week in July. As if that wasn’t enough to make my head swell, I made class my bitch.

My absolutely effing bitch.

She pushed us hard, and most people quit and laid down in the middle of new poses or modified them. I pushed through and did one leg planks, and tree plank push-ups, and crossed leg planks and push-ups, and balancing on one foot with one foot in my thigh crease and my nose to my straight knee. I don’t even know what these poses are called.

Oh, wait. They’re called “Tiffany’s Bitches” because I killed them.

And then the instructor complimented me like three times during class, again after class, and three people came up to me after class to tell them I was great, one thought I was better than the instructor, and one wanted to know how many years I’ve been practicing yoga.

And today, I’m just over here ready to share with you my favorite cold weather trend. It’s called All the Black. I’m super obsessed right now with all black. Maybe because it’s actually cold in the sunshine state and it feels appropriate for the freezing weather or maybe it’s because all my warm weather clothes just happen to be black. Could be…

Usually this time of year we Floridians are already ordering new swimsuits and dresses, but it’s just cold. It’s so cold my electric bill went from $250 last month to $415 this month….and it’s never been more than $230 this month in the three years we’ve lived in this house! That’s how cold it’s been in the Sunshine State. So we’re just over here buying more sweaters.

I’m sharing some of my favorite, favorite, favorite black sweaters for cold weather today. They’re fun, they’re a little flirty, and they are making my life feel complete right now. I’m in love with monochromatic black at the moment, so do yourself a favor and pair them with some black faux-leather leggings and black acessories for an all black monochromtic ensemble. So chic.


{photo by Nordstrom}

This simple black tunic is a must-have this season. You can pair it with anything, and I do love Halogen. Their tops are always sized well, always hold up no matter how many washes they go through, and I’ve never known one to shrink.


{photo Neiman Marcus}

This simple Eileen Fisher sweater is light and perfect for layering, and it’s on major sale right now at Neiman Marcus ($90 off!).


{photo JCPenney}

I love the asymetrical hem on this classic black sweater, but I love the price even more. It’s only $22!


{photo by Bloomingdales}

This C By Bloomingdales sweater has a fun sleeve detail I love. It’s classic with a twist, which is my favorite.


{photo by Nordstrom}

This black sweater hits all my favorite points, and it’s so soft. The detail on the sleeve is fun, and it’s a v-neck. We Floridians get a little uncomfortable when we have clothes aroudn our necks and over our collarbones, so this one is a little more our style.



  1. Lexi says:

    That black sweater from Nordstrom is my absolute favorite thing. I could definitely see myself wearing something like that. Another one I like is the asymmetrical one that looks like it has a turtle neck. The price makes me like it even better!


    1. Yes! The asymmetrical price is amazing!


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