Be Right Back…in June


Sometimes you just need a break….and I’m taking one.

I’ve been relatively absent from the blog for the past two months, and I apologize for not being more consistent. My client work is demanding, and my kids’ lives are very demanding this time of year. We have dance recitals, rehearsals, cheer tryouts, PTA events, cheer meetings, class parties, Mother’s Day teas, field days, graduations, events, gymnastics, dance, travel, and our regularly scheduled programming has to fit somewhere in there.

My kids’ schools own me the entire month of May, and that’s all right. It’s why I began my business and it’s why I love working for myself – and it’s what makes my heart happy. I love being there for them. I love being so involved in their lives, and I love how happy they are to have me around so much.

With that said, I’m out until June when things calm down a little. Summer schedules are a lot simpler and a lot more fun, so it’s easier for me. And that’s when I’ll be back with regularly scheduled posts that work around our kids’ camp schedules and our travel schedules this summer.

Enjoy the end of the school year, your Memorial Day weekend, and the rest of May…I’ll be back in June!


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