January Positivity Challenge

Happy Thursday, loves!

We are nine whole days into a new year, a new decade, a new month. It’s a big deal if you let it be a big deal, though for many it’s not that big a deal. You don’t need a new year to change your life, but it’s helpful to some who are looking to make changes and aren’t certain how to get started.

Y’all know I’m not a fan of resolutions. I like goals. Goals are good. Goals are changeable. Goals are maneuverable. Goals make the world a much friendlier, much better place. Goals can be created, broken down, and made manageable, and then they can be expanded upon once they are reached. And while I certainly don’t think we need a new year to start a new list of goals, why not? It’s as good a time as any, and this year I want to try something new.

I think we should all challenge ourselves to become happier, more positive, and enjoy life more. That starts from the inside out. With that in mind, we still have 22 days left in January, and I want to issue you a challenge. Let’s improve ourselves one day at a time in a small way. I believe it was Jackie Kennedy who once said you should do something every single day that scares you or takes you outside of your comfort zone, so let’s.

If you’re not sure where to get started, I have some ideas for all of us. The best news is that each of these concepts can be taken, used now or later, and they can help you anytime you need it. Not just today.

  • Write down one thing every morning and every evening you are thankful for every single day for the rest of the month.
  • Take a 10-minute walk outdoors 3 times a week.
  • Ignore social media for one entire weekend. No cheating!
  • Pay for someone behind you in line at your favorite fast food restaurant or grab the check for someone at a restaurant – anonymously!
  • Smile at every single person you encounter for an entire day.
  • Provide one random act of kindness per week. It doesn’t matter who, what, when, or where you are or do.
  • Keep your promises to yourself. For example, if you promise yourself you’re going to the gym tomorrow, do it. Don’t break that promise no matter what happens. You will never regret the decision to go.
  • Cuddle your kids, nieces, nephews, spouse, grandmother, mom, dad, whomever you love.
  • Open the doors and windows for a few hours when the weather permits
  • Eat one meal outside every week.

There’s nothing groundbreaking or even wow-factor-esque about anything I just wrote down, but each of these things can help you change your mindset, your life, and your feelings from the inside out. Each of these things takes you into a different realm, a different place. Each one makes you take a moment to pause and reflect. Each one makes you spend a little bit of your time focused on things like the way you feel and the way you are living your life. Each one makes you pause, and each one can help you change the way you look at life. Let’s try it this month, and let’s look back at the end of the month and share what we did, how we did it, and what changes it’s made in our lives.



  1. I love this list! It’s so wholesome xx


    1. Thank you! I think so, too.


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