Three Insanely Motivational Podcasts that Will Change Your Life

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I have this serious thing with sarcasm, wit, and intelligence. A good mixture of all three really brings me such joy and entertainment, and I find it applies to every aspect of my life. I don’t particularly care to spend time with people who don’t appreciate all three – not that there’s anything wrong with people who don’t care for the same things as I. If you’re a little sarcastic, very witty, and you’re smart – you’re my people.

And that applies to everything, especially when it comes to my self-development. This year has really been a year of self-development and growth for me. I’m taking the business I’ve grown over the past 9 years and expanding it into territories that make me nervous (my personal blog and openness with the world, for instance), growing my client base even though I don’t have the time for that, and really taking things even bigger and better than they are; at least, that’s the plan.

One thing I made the decision to do this year is focus on personal development. It occurred to me that all the little people in my house are all growing, and growing with them is something I really wanted to try. More focused time with the kids. More personal time with my husband. More free time to make spontaneous decisions. More deliberate choices so we aren’t missing out on the things we really want to do with our lives.

Personal growth – for me – has certainly meant spending more time with God, saying extra prayers, and really putting a focus on myself. What don’t I like about me? What can I change about myself to grow and set a better example for my kids? If I were to meet me tomorrow, what would I think of myself? Overall, I like me – I mean, shouldn’t we all like ourselves? But there are a few minor tweaks I’d like to make, and I’ve been working on those this year.

That said, I’ve found spending time with me each day has been imperative to that change. I can’t do it alone – and things like yoga, quiet time, and listening to some serious killer (hashtag) bossbabes and women I really find inspirational, powerful, and kick-ass have all been so good to me this year.

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I’ve finally learned about the Podcast. It’s nothing new – but it’s new to me. I’ve been listening for a few months to a few podcasts, and I’m loving them. Listen, I get to laugh, learn, and listen, and I always leave a podcast with a new sense of inspiration, motivation, and purpose – and I love that.

Also, it helps to throw in my earbuds in the car to drown out the endless, insufferable, torturous sounds of Anna and Elsa and Olaf and Kristoff, and that irritating little bastard Prince Hans. I mean, the movie is spectacularly adorable, but listening to it play on a loop in my car for the past 700 years will be the death of me.

If you are dying for something new and witty and sarcastic and straight intelligent to listen to in order to drown out the sounds of torturous children’s movies grow personally, let me recommend my favorite podcasts. You won’t find better.

podcast 1

Becoming Fearless Podcast – Style Collective by Annie Spano

This is my favorite to date. Annie is so open, so much like me in terms of her Type-A, plan it out, think it through, and work hard to make it happen kind of personality. She interviews some of the most inspirational and amazing women imaginable. They’re from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, and different educational paths, thoughts, and insights – and they’re all total badasses. You can’t help but listen and leave inspired.

podcast 2

Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast – by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

Lauryn is so unapologetically herself. She wants what she wants, and she’s not afraid to get it. She’s fab, and I love her podcast. She and her husband talk to guests, they talk to one another, and they have so much insight into the world of business and motivation, and their repartee is always entertaining. There is always something to take away from every podcast episode – but it’s not always what you assume you’ll take away.

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She Did it Her Way – by Amanda Boleyn 

This is such a good podcast for anyone who is looking for inspiration and motivation. Each of the guests is able to provide a unique outlook on the world of entrepreneurship and business, and the lessons you take from each episode are so unique, yet they apply to every aspect of your own life. How can you even beat that?

What are you listening to, reading, or using to develop your own personal growth and mindset this year? I’d love to hear some recommendations!

Why Not Get to Know Me A Little Better: Here Are 20 Random Bits and Pieces of Me

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Happy Wednesday, you guys! It’s the middle of the week, the prettiest day, and my kids are being extra sweet today – so it’s a win over here. Hashtag winning.

So last week I began a Why Not Wednesday series dedicated to trying new things, going outside my comfort zone, and really shaking things up a bit. I did try several things I might not have tried before in the past week – but that’ll have to wait.

Because I’m the boss and I get to do things like that.

But really, because I have so many new followers and subscribers, and I wanted to re-introduce myself to everyone, open up a little, and let you in a bit more. Because…why not? I promise I think I’m more fascinating than I really am, but still. Getting to know people is fun.

So here’s the quick information you might already know. Feel free to keep ready past this to the fun stuff, but stick around for a sec if you don’t already know me.

I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart. We were set up on a blind date, I knew I’d marry him the night I met him – and I was right. We have four little ones. Our oldest daughter is 9 next month. Our middle daughter turned 6 in March, and our boy/girl twins turned 3 in March. We are lifelong Floridians who are living our little dream. We both work from home. My husband is a tech genius, I’m a writer, and I started blogging at the beginning of 2017 after almost 9 years of web content creation for a really long and exciting and kind-of impressive list of clients (not to sound full of myself, but I really do have a list of super impressive clients and I’ve gotten to do some of the most spectacular things since starting my company in 2008). I’m 5’3, naturally blonde, but then naturally brunette, now artificially blonde because I am now naturally silver.

Are you following? I like long walks on the beach, except I don’t because I’m not a fan of sand. I know, I’m the worst Florida girl ever, right?

us 5

That said, here are 20 random facts about me (random is my middle name, guys).

  1. I have an abnormal fear of tubs. I can’t sit in them, look at them, or even bathe my own kids. They freak me out. It’s something about grout and corners and small spaces and sitting naked in water filled with your own filthe. OMG. I shudder even thinking about it.
  2. I’ve never had a C-Section, and I can’t figure out why this is so shocking to people.
  3. My husband and I spent 10 days in Hawaii for my 24th birthday in 2007 and never once stepped foot in the ocean. We spent every waking moment looking at it. From the pool bar, the lobby bar, the restaurants – but I don’t like sand.
  4. My favorite moment ever in life (aside from the super important things like getting married and having kids and stuff) was a Thursday night during Fashion Week in NYC in 2015. My husband and I were done with all of our events for the evening and chose to book a late dinner reservation at a little place called Il Tinello because Regis Philbin always talked about it on Live with Regis and Kelly. And I love Regis. So we booked, we ate, we ordered a couple bottles of wine, and we loved every second of it – but never more than the actual moment Regis and Joy walked into this small, completely spectacular, amazing little gem and were seated at the table next to us. And SPOKE TO US. Best. Day. Ever.
  5. We actually end up hanging out with celebrities all the time by accident, but I’ve never been impressed. Until Regis. I mean, we sat down next to Nicole Richie at the Chateau Marmont and had cocktails, had lunch at the table next to LeeLee Sobieski at The Ivy, had an entire conversation in an elevator with Bill Murray, had dinner at Tavern on the Green while freaking Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood were there, and dozens more. And I don’t even care. But OMG. I cared so much about my quality time with Regis.

us 3

  1. I prefer to wear men’s cologne to perfume. I think I just like to smell like my husband. Well that makes me sound crazy and stalkerish and obsessed.
  2. I have cameras and parking sensors, and every device imaginable to show me exactly where to go and what to do, but I suck at parking. It’s really, really bad.
  3. I won’t park in the front row anywhere I go if I don’t have the kids with me. I feel those spots should go to moms with their hands full of little people. Less parking lot time, more safety.
  4. I always put the cart in the return at the supermarket. Unless it’s raining. Eff that.
  5. I think my husband is one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, but I’m not telling him for fear he might (gasp) realize I’m not always right.

mom 5

  1. I wake up at 5 am every morning, but I like to sleep until 8:30 on the weekends – and my husband has never complained once about getting up with the kids and letting me do just that. I love that.
  2. I really have come to love being at home more than anything else. Maybe it’s because with four kids we are always busy and it’s not by choice. When I have the choice to be busy or to relax, I’d rather just relax. I have to find a happy medium or else I’m going to become a total recluse – and I don’t want that!
  3. My husband changes more diapers than I.
  4. I clean my car out every single day. Multiple times. Anytime I have the kids or someone else in the car with me, I pull into the garage, unload them, and grab my always plugged in shop vac and run it over the floors. It takes me approximately 30 seconds each time – but it provides me all the happiness. I get anxiety if my car is dirty.


  1. I shower 3-4 times a day. I don’t like to be sweaty or feel dirty.
  2. I can’t even imagine being a small family again. I love being a big family. I love knowing we always have a house full of people we love so much – and we always will.
  3. I like people who love their life.
  4. I could never work for someone else. I’ve spent almost a decade working for me, and I love every second of it. I love being in charge of my schedule, I love working because it never feels like work, and I love making new connections, networking, and being in control of what I earn and how I live. It was always a pipe dream growing up, but I never thought it was possible to work for myself doing anything like this. I’m grateful for it every day.
  5. My 6-year-old is the funniest person I know in life. She is seriously hilarious, and I get why people just love her.
  6. I choose gratefulness and happiness each day – and I’m mostly good at it – but I do feel that I lack in one area. I’m working on rectifying that. No one in my life does the same thing I do, so no one gets just how much work, effort, and hustle goes into every waking moment of my day to allow for the kind of success I’ve had. I crave a community of people who do what I do, who get it, and who just get it.

So there you go. Now you know a little more about me, probably mostly that I’m really neurotic and anal-retentive, and obsessive about so many things. You also know that while I never hesitate to tell you my kids are sometimes assholes, I really do love them and wouldn’t trade any of them for the world (most days).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve taken advantage of my #bossbabe status this week and carved out some much-needed time with my family. Shopping and lunch on Monday, a movie with the big kids on Tuesday, and right now I’m shutting down and spending the day spending time with my father-in-law who is visiting us from NC this week before we head out to enjoy dinner with friends. Because (hashtag) sometimes I do stop working long enough to enjoy the why behind my work ethic and drive.

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Why Not Wednesday: Why Not Follow These Three #Bossbabes Today?


Trying new things makes us well-rounded, more worldly people, right? It’s easy to look back and see how trying new things has helped me to evolve and grow as a person, a wife, a mother, a writer, and newly-minted blogger…yet most new things must be forced on people while they may or may not throw an internal temper-tantrum to rival that of the worst 2-year-old. You do that, right? No? Asking for a friend…

I like working on me, and that means trying new things. I thought it might be fun to try a weekly series where I try something new, bring it to you, and share it with you. This week I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite reads this week. I’ve yet to share what I read when I’m procrastinating doing anything productive spending a few moments relaxing over my third first cup of coffee.


Summer is here and we are all looking for a little DIY project to take on, but we definitely don’t want to get all messy at home. This DIY embroidered suede heel project by Rebecca at Beckabella Style is To. Die. For.

blogger 3

Shopping is my cardio and buying new stuff for my house is one of my favorite things to do. Becky at Daly Digs created a weekly series called Friday Finds where she’s sharing what she’s come across that we need to know about. Her eye for style, design, and decor is seriously kick ass.

blogger 1

I live for a sarcasm, coffee, and wine – and a graphic tee that tells you how I feel definitely speaks to me (and for me, since people-ing isn’t always my thing). The gorgeous ladies behind Caffeinated Curls always bring the cutest styles and this one is no exception. And can I just say that I’ll miss their posts the rest of the summer, but I do admire their tenacity and desire to live life their way while they get their vision together for the future?

If you aren’t following these #bossbabes yet, run – don’t walk – to their sites and get to it. They’re all on Instagram, and they’re all worth the follow.

I’m excited about this new series each week, and I can’t wait to see what kind of new venture next Wednesday will bring! Is it a new recipe? A new style? Stay tuned next week to find out!