Three Closet Staples For Spring

Spring is here.

Or so I hear. It’s just hot in the Sunshine State. The humidity is back. The air is on. My makeup is melting regularly. So, good for you if you have spring. And yes, you do infer a bit of sarcasm in that congratulatory phrase.

Now that spring has allegedly sprung, it’s time for us all to do a little shopping. I’ve been in the mood for some shopping lately, and I’ve picked up a few super fun items. I’m sharing a few of my recent purchases with you, what I love about them, and I’ve broken them down into three must-haves this spring. You can even roll them into summer if you like…

Maxi Dresses

I love a gorgeous maxi dress, and these casual dresses are kind of everything right now. They’re easy to wear, easy to style, and they go with just about anything. From running errands to a casual lunch date, you can get away with a maxi dress casually. Adding some upscale accessories can even take some of these from day to night. I love this one, this one, and this one.

Full Skirts

If there is one thing I”m currently obsessed with this season, it’s a full skirt. This is my Sunday best staple, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I receive when I wear one of mine to church on Sundays. They’re feminine, ladylike, and so elegant. But you can dress them down with a tee shirt, up with a blouse, and in between with the right shoes. Did I mention they are also super flattering? I love this one, this one, and this one.

Casual Shoes 

Spring is all about casual flats this year, and I’m currently obsessing over a few of my own favorites. I love a gorgeous espadrille to make any outfit more fun, a great pair of flip flops – because I’m a Floridian – and this year as casual tenny. I love these, these, and these.

The Tunic You Must Have in Every Color

Listen, I can’t stop myself. When I find something I love, I must have them all. Why do y’all think I have four kids?

Maybe it’s a sickness. Maybe it’s genius. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s all of us. I don’t know. What I know is that when I find a piece of clothing I love-love (and even non-clothing items), I buy it in every color.

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. 


{I didn’t have my Instahusband/photog snap a photo of me when I wore my black tunic with faux leather leggings and OTK books to a PTA fundraiser our #dreamteam hosted at our kids’ elementary school – but I did get this cute photo of me and my mama and our artwork, and that counts-ish}

In reality, I do have four kids. By the time I’m done making three of them look adorable – I pick my battles with Ava, therefore, she rocks what we ‘lovingly’ refer to as homeless-chic – I don’t even want to think. So if you see me looking like I wore the same outfit in a different color every day of the week, it’s because I did.

I’ve got no shame in my game. 


Which leads me to this gorgeous Lush tunic. Nordstrom has it on sale (continuously) for $27.90. They also have it in rotating colors depending on the season – and I’m not afraid to tell you I have it in all the colors.

It washes well. It doesn’t wrinkle. The fit is perfect (I wear an XS, though my black one is a small and the fit is really just a little different in the chest – nothing a bralette can’t fix). The colors flawless. And the versatility in which it can be worn is amazing.

I think I love it because it’s easy. Throw it on with faux leather leggings, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, tuck it into some high-waist wide-leg pangs or a skirt, and you’re instantly chic. If you don’t have it, get it. Put it on your Christmas list. I promise it’s a stellar buy.

And for your viewing pleasure…imagine my surprise when I realized I had quite the photobomber in a recent OOTD photo on my front porch. Are you ready for this? Can you figure out which photo he’s in above? Also…OMG.