Picture-Perfect Product: 3 Flawless Face Must-Haves

I go to the gym (our brand-new YMCA) every week day. I go after I drop my kids off at school and run errands in the morning some days, and in the evenings when my oldest daughter is at cheerleading practice. When I work out alone, I always listen to my favorite morning show from Orlando in iHeart Radio (XL 106.7’s Johnny’s House if you want to check that out…and you should). I always laugh, and I always mentally respond to the topics they bring up.

The other day I was just going to town on the elliptical – trying to outpace the woman beside me who was completely unaware she was working out next to the most competitive person ever – and they were discussing the questions they’re asked more than any other. I knew immediately what I’d say, because I hear the questions so much I have the answers memorized.



Yes, I’m sure.



They do now.

(I would put money on the fact that there is a group of men and women out there who know what questions I’m being asked long before I even tell you what they are!)

Are they twins? Are they identical? Are you sure? Did you plan on having twins? Are they natural? Do twins run in your family?

I get the curiosity when you see someone with two babies at the same time, but can we talk about question number four, please?

Did I plan on having twins?

Can you plan on having twins? I mean, really? You can’t even plan on having a boy or a girl, so how exactly do you plan on having two at once? Is there some type of pep talk you have beforehand? Do you ask the magic 8 ball? What’s that about? I know many people go through IVF and they choose to go with twins or higher order multiples, but at that point most people are just hoping, praying, and praying some more for any healthy baby. Boy, girl, black, white, blue, green, one, two, more. If you’re at that point, you probably don’t care what you get as long as you get to become a parent.

Anyway, that’s what I’m asked the most; and no, it has nothing to do with what this post is about. I’m actually going back to the part about the gym. Following the onslaught of entirely too personal questions about my lady parts, the next most-asked question I get is “Why do you always look so good after working out?”

My girlfriends tease me that I don’t even look like I break a sweat and my makeup is still perfect when we are done with an hour-long (killer, painful, amazingly awful yet soooooo good) Body Pump class.

And yes; I know I shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym, but I’m not comfortable with a naked face in public – ever. Bad Tiffany. Shame on me. I know; I’m a terrible person. Does it count that I go home and immediately take a shower and wash my face? You know what, I don’t care if it counts or not. I have great skin, and my workouts haven’t had an effect on that in 33 years, so I’m feeling good.

I never know how to answer people when they ask me how I always look so good following a killer workout, because I’m pretty sure it’s just good genes. The ladies in my family have some seriously gorgeous skin, and thankfully they’ve all passed that down to me. No complaints here. The only other thing I can think of is my makeup. I don’t think it’s me they’re complimenting so much as it is my flawless makeup, which is just the makeup.

It’s taken me a long time to perfect my makeup routine – and I say that seriously. I was once so bad at makeup it was embarrassing. I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older. I recognize that quality over quantity is good, and that sometimes the best or hottest new makeup brands or trends don’t work with my skin tone or type. I think, however, I’ve finally perfected the makeup – and it’s three products I credit for always having such flawless, smooth skin. The rest of my makeup is just a bonus. If you want to know what makes my skin look so good even when I’m sweaty and disgusting, it’s these products.


Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+I have such dry skin it looks flaky if I forget to moisturize. The second I get out of the shower every morning, I slather this amazingly light and lovely lotion on my face. It keeps the flakes and dry skin at bay. I’ve used dozens of moisturizers over the course of my adult life, and this is the best for my skin type. If it’s ever discontinued, I’ll cry.



Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (regular and Color Correcting Adjust) – I love both. It’s so smooth, goes on like silk, and it irons out my seriously disgustingly awfully large in-your-face pores. It helps my makeup sit on top of my pores and fine lines rather than inside them (thank you makeup Gods). I love the color correcting adjuster during the day when I tend to find myself a little more flushed than usual because of the hot Florida sun, running after four kids, and working out. I love the regular primer for evening because it’s so flawless – but I’ll wear either any time.

If you don’t include primer in your daily makeup routine, start.


Setting Spray:  Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Setting SprayThe last thing I do is set my makeup with this amazing spray. It helps me stay matte and smooth, perfect, and I never look shiny or sweaty because of it. I actually tried this by accident once when a girlfriend had it and swore by it, sprayed me against my will, and I fell in love. A little goes a long way with this spray, so be gentle.

So there you have it; my not-so-complicated secret for always working out (or just living my life) with what everyone else believes is flawless and perfect skin. My makeup is great, too, but I really credit these base items for how good my makeup looks on my skin. They’re a must.

Ladies – take off your makeup when you work out. Or don’t. Do whatever you want. It’s your life and your face. But it isn’t great.

What product do you swear by when it comes to your face? Do you have one, or are you just on the lookout for that one thing that’ll change your life – and face – completely?


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