Beauty Must-Have: Hard Candy Pro Palette

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Florida weather is no joke for anyone, but it’s especially brutal on those of us who don’t leave the house without makeup. There’s a fine line between achieving that dewy, fresh look and looking as if my face is melting off. I try for the former, but often feel more like the latter.

The moment I open my garage door, the heat and humidity attack. I can feel my sunglasses begin to slide down my nose and if I’m not in my SUV in under 10 seconds flat, I feel the urge to take another shower. It’s hot, sticky, and not at all sweet. It’s also why I’ve spent the better part of my 33 years searching for the best makeup products imaginable. I have just a *few* requirements when it comes to my makeup.

  • It must be long-lasting
  • It can’t feel as though it’s sliding down my face when I walk to my mailbox
  • It can’t be cakey, gross, or feel heavy
  • It has to make me look exactly like Kate Middleton

That’s not too much to ask, right?

hc 1

Since three out of four isn’t bad, I sometimes let one of my requirements slide when my makeup meets the rest of my minor demands. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which one I tend to let go the most. My husband likes to make jokes about how many Sephora boxes show up on our doorstep every week, and I like to tell him I liked it better when he worked outside the home and didn’t see all the boxes that arrive regularly (all lies…I love that we work from home together, but I could do without his raised eyebrow when my friends UPS man and Mr. Fedex show up to chat and leave me boxes). We call it even since makeup makes me happy, and he gets to be married to a woman who at least looks like she’s got her stuff together (I so absolutely do not).

hc 2

When Hard Candy sent over the Look Pro Palette for me to try after it was newly launched this spring, I was excited to try it out and see how it worked for me and my active lifestyle. I was a little skeptical considering I struggle most with finding eyeshadow that doesn’t fade throughout the day, and I was certain an entire palette for only $10 would never work. After all, most of the palettes I have that cost five times that don’t last all day long as hard as I go.

After trying the look a few times, my feelings changed. I’m a fan. The shadow is so light I barely feel it on my eyes. It goes on easily without caking my brushes with powder for very little result. And the best part – it lasts. I deliberately chose a hardcore day to try it out the first time  – because if it can last through the most dedicated of my days, it can last through anything. After applying my makeup at 6 am, imagine my surprise when it was still amazing at 8 pm after a 90-minute workout, an al fresco lunch date, and all the things I do as a mother of four all day. All those kisses and cuddles from my 3-year-old twins, and my makeup still looked fresh 14 hours later.

hc 3


The best part is the Hard Candy Look Pro Palette absolutely lives up to its name. I felt good all day in it, and I love how long it lasted without creasing, caking, or running. And for only $10, you bet I’ll be adding this to my list of stocking-stuffers and gift bags throughout the year. With 15 different colors in one palette, you can mix, match, and take your look from daytime professional to nighttime glam. The palette comes with four pro brushes for easy application, and the hard outer casing makes it easy to pack. So far my palette has been with me on three trips, and it’s ready to go on a fourth to kick off the beginning of summer vacation.

The Hard Candy Look Pro Palette is available exclusively at Walmart as well as and

*All opinions expressed are my own


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