Fourth of July Dresses You Can Wear Again and Again


Happy {almost} Fourth of July!

I love two things about this specific holiday. Number 1 – I can officially say that “the month after next is my favorite time of year,” because it’s almost September, which is my birth month and the official start of “Fall” in my house. Number 2 – Our besties throw the most fabulous Fourth of July party imaginable. Picture your favorite fireworks display at Disney or your local city and then cry sad tears because it’s nowhere near as good as the display at Casa Crouch. #sorrynotsorry

Like any other holiday, I love coordinating our ensembles to match the theme, and this year is no different. Well, except that half our kids hate dressing up for holidays, so I no longer push it. Craig and I, on the other hand, do dress for the holiday. Last year was one of my favorite Fourths for me and our girls in terms of what we wore. We all had the most fun matching Lilly Pulitzer print (I believe the name of the print is Star Stuck). It was a bright pink star with white and blue detail, and we received so many compliments.

This year we’re going a little different. The kids only wear their swimsuits, so it’s red, white and blue for that, and my husband will wear his own red white and blue, and I just ordered a fabulous red, tie-front cutout midi. I’ll pair it with white and blue accessories for the win.

I’m known for waiting until the last minute to figure out what I’m wearing, and I figure I’m not the only one. We officially have like four days to find something to wear, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite red, white, and blue dresses perfect for the holiday, but also perfect to wear after the holiday is over. Because I like things that serve more than one purpose!


Red and Ready for the Fourth 

1. This off the shoulder dress is on sale for $53 right now, and it’s perfect for a sultry summer day.

2. This gorgeous red maxi is on major sale for only $139, and it’s perfect for any summer gathering.

3. This cutout, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder dress is not something I’d wear – too trendy and not my style – but I think it would look fabulous on so many women I know, so I had to share it. It’s also on sale for only $93!

4. This fun sundress had me at pompoms. 

5. I love this tie-front midi, which is super similar to mine.

6. For a super casual day of fun in the sun, this $70 tank dress is perfection. 


Summertime Blues 

1. This gorgeous blue and white midi with the tie front cutout is just like mine, but mine is red. If I’d noticed this one first, I’d have ordered it instead. 

2. J. Crew never fails, and this striped maxi is everything. 

3. It’s not big secret my closet is filled with Diane von Furstenberg dresses, and this one is absolutely stunning. 

4. Does this dress just scream summer on Nantucket, or is that just me? 

To help make each one a little more fourth-friendy, choose accessories that complement your dress. Red, white, and blue always look good together when you’re proud to be an American.

Happy Fourth!


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