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Fall Bucket List

Happy fall, y’all. I know I’m a few weeks late to the party, but you know the drill. I’ve been busy, guys! I’m always busy. I don’t love that my calendar is never empty, but busy is just a way of life sometimes when you’ve got four little ones and stuff. But, it’s fall, it’s… Continue reading Fall Bucket List

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Celebrating Mother’s Day with The Bouqs Co.

Happy Thursday, loves! Mother’s Day is a little bittersweet for me. On one hand, I feel so fortunate and blessed to celebrate this day each year. So many women don’t have that opportunity. My heart is full knowing that I have four beautiful babies to love not just Sunday, but every day. On the other… Continue reading Celebrating Mother’s Day with The Bouqs Co.

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Last-Minute Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Littles

Happy Wednesday, loves! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but doesn’t it feel like it snuck right up on us? I can’t even believe it’s here already, yet here it is in all its glory. I mean, we have a whole year’s notice, and here I am the day before scrambling to put together class gifts and… Continue reading Last-Minute Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Littles

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Valentine Cocktails With Icelandic Glacial

Happy Friday, loves! I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I love more than the weekend. We love laidback weekends at home, hosting friends and family the most. My husband loves to cook, and I love to come up with fun new drink ideas on occasion to mix it up a bit. When the… Continue reading Valentine Cocktails With Icelandic Glacial

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Pre-Holiday Stress? Try These 7 Things

Happy Monday, loves! Can you believe there are only 8 more days until Christmas? This is the single best week of the year, and I cannot believe it’s here already! But, let’s be a little bit honest. This time of year can be a little overwhelming if you’re not careful. Parties, events, travel, hosting, and… Continue reading Pre-Holiday Stress? Try These 7 Things

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Hostess Gifts to Keep On Hand

Happy Wednesday, loves!  There is nothing I love more this time of year than the feeling I get when the holidays are here. I can’t explain it, but you know what I mean. It’s a feeling of contentment. Happiness and joy and love and excitement. It’s everywhere, and I’m in love. One thing I always… Continue reading Hostess Gifts to Keep On Hand

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Subscription Boxes: The Christmas Gift that Keeps On Giving

Happy Monday, loves! It is officially December, and that is officially exciting! We’ve been living our best lives over here the past few weeks, and I’ve been a little MIA. Last week was a crazy one. Thanksgiving was the week before last, and it was a beautiful week. Family, friends, food, and so much love.… Continue reading Subscription Boxes: The Christmas Gift that Keeps On Giving

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

Happy Friday, loves! I hope you all had the most beautiful and amazing Thanksgiving! Our home was filled with people we love, more food that we could possibly eat, too much fun and laughter, and probably a few too many cocktails. It was everything. Now that you’re properly stuffed, adequately hating yourself for eating that… Continue reading Black Friday Shopping Tips

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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, loves! Before the turkey goes in the oven, before the formal dining room table is set, before our guests arrive, I like to wake early and sit outside with a hot cup of coffee and my thoughts. I love the back deck this time of day (or the front porch or lanai if… Continue reading Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

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35 Things On My 35th Birthday

Happy Friday, loves! I am SO excited about this weekend! It’s my BIRTHDAY! Well, Sunday is my birthday, but you get the point. I’m turning 35, and I’m so excited. I’m excited about all of my birthdays. It’s my favorite day of the year because it’s all about me and myself. With four kids, a… Continue reading 35 Things On My 35th Birthday