Living Life and Enjoying Every Second

Hey, loves!

I know, I know. It’s been a minute. But, I have a good excuse for not blogging in a second.

I was enjoying my life. I’ve been a little social media MIA off and on, too. It’s been nice. Life is busy for this mom of four/wife/person who does it all. This season (fall) is always so busy in our house, and sometimes we need a break.

Literally, though, it’s so hot that I just want to go into some sort of hibernation, or maybe I want to pack and move anywhere with something like real seasons. It’s almost 100 degrees here during the day, and a frigid 85 at night. Can you see my eyes rolling? No, you cannot. They’re dripping in sweat and half closed as a result.

But, back to my situation.

I’m just letting y’all know that I have a ton of new content coming in the next few weeks. I’ve been working on a lot of campaigns recently, but those take second place to my clients and their needs (and boy do they have a big need this time of year, not that I’m complaining since that’s what I love the most) and the kids and their needs.

Anyway, I’ve been mom-ing. Wife-ing. Traveling. PTA-ing. Safety Patrol-ing. Writing. Writing. Writing some more. Running. Yoga-ing. Traveling. Traveling some more. Living. It’s been fun, overwhelming, stressful, hilarious, and all the things in between. I just wanted to tell you guys I didn’t just turn 35 and forget all about you, so stay tuned next week. The content is coming, and it’s going to make you all wish I’d go back to my silence….or not. Because I like to think I keep you all entertained with my stories. No? Is that just me? Am I that much of my own biggest fan?

I’m okay with that, too, you know.




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