Hitting Reset on Your Body and Mind When You’re In A Funk

Happy Wednesday, loves!

Can you believe we are officially nine days into the year already?! It’s amazing, isn’t it? I swear to you, it was just New Year’s Eve, and I was just rounding out the last day of the year. It was such a fun way to end the year, too. We had a Gator Game party at our house on the 29th, and our friends’ daughter – our honorary fifth child – stayed after they left Saturday night for two nights. We made plans to make no plans on Sunday, so we were super lazy, but Monday was a busy day.

It was NYE, and it began with a family morning. My girlfriend called me that morning to say she was going to join our afternoon movie date and take back her daughter from us that afternoon, and she wanted to know if I wanted to go get lunch first. We had a fun lunch on the water – in the 80 degree temps – and then we took the girls to see Mary Poppins with another friend and her kids. After the movie, the girls and I ran home, rounded up the twins and Craig, and we went to our friends’ house for a very low-key NYE party. It was all kids and fireworks and fun, and we enjoyed the new year in the best possible manner ever.

And then it was January 1. And then I blinked, and now it’s the 9th already. Life is about to get hectic for us because of Addison’s competition cheer schedule and all our travel, and we are trying (and failing) to keep our schedules light for the next two weeks so we feel prepared for that.


It’s been a bit of a blur so far, and I know it’s so easy for us to feel a little bit lost this time of year. The holidays are over, we are all kind of holiday-hungover from all the fun and excitement, and we are working so hard to get back into our groove. It’s not like a big secret that the only thing I like about January is that it brought me the birth of the love of my life (happy almost birthday, handsome). Otherwise, I legit don’t care at all for this month. It’s a weird transitional month that doesn’t really bring much to the table.

And I always feel a little bit like I’m in a funk in January. I don’t love that feeling, so I’ve been working hard to avoid it this year by resetting not only my body, but my mind as well. If you’re also in the same weird post-holiday, pre-spring funk, here’s a few things you can do to help reset your body and your mind.


Work Out

I cannot tell you enough just how good it is to work out. I don’t like to miss a day of exercise because I love how good I feel after. Happy, free, light, airy, enjoying life more. It’s a nice feeling, and it’s not just my feeling. You always feel better when you release those endorphins. Do it.


Date Night

We have always been big on date nights – with four kids, you have to be. We make it a priority to enjoy at least two dates a month without the kids. Sometimes that’s dinner with friends. Sometimes it’s date night just the two of us. Sometimes it’s a Sunday afternoon grocery store and errand trip. Sometimes it’s a weekend away. Whatever it is, make time for more of that.

Drink Water First

I love water – aside from coffee and wine. And I cannot even tell you how good I feel drinking a big cup first thing when I wake up. I fill up my big Yeti cup at night and leave it by the coffee pot in the mornings so that I can drink it before I grab my coffee. And I feel so good when I do.

Pamper Myself

I’m a fan of a facial and a massage, but you can do it at home, too. I highly recommend investing in a great face mask to use once a week (my favorite is the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask). Not only is this a good habit to adopt all year, it’s a great way to pep yourself up when you’re in a funk.


Change Your Routine

Okay, this is big for me. I’m not a routine-changing kind of gal. I prefer my routine and my schedule, but sometimes the best thing I do is say screw it and change it all up. Sometimes that means walking away from my desk and spending the day doing what I want. Reading, heading to my favorite local hotel for a bucket drink and a day by the water, brunch with friends, a trip to Starbucks and Nordstrom. Something, anything.

Eat Better

Here’s what I really think the issue is this time of year – I spend a few weeks not eating my normal diet. Totally my fault, I know. My body is so accustomed to a healthy diet that I get all kinds of out of whack and in need of a healthy cleanse this time of year. I love the treats around the holidays. I might not eat cinnamon rolls all year, but you better believe I’m all over them at Christmas. There’s something about holiday food that I definitely enjoy for a few weeks around Christmas. The rest of the year, I don’t really care too much for it. At Christmas, I give myself all the green lights for eating whatever.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not mad about that. I eat well all year, so I don’t mind spending  few weeks eating all the junk. But, I do feel it when it’s over. It’s like Christmas ends and I’m like “Oh, wait, I don’t actually love those things,” but I will never not eat them this time of year. My funk this time of year is quick to hit the curb when I just treat my body right again. More homecooked meals that are good for me. More fruit. More veggies. More good stuff. It helps tremendously.


Go Play

When you are in a funk, just get outside and play. My husband and I love to golf, and that always helps. We love to get outside with the kids and play baseball, run, take walks, play whatever. Ride bikes. Go Swimming. Go do something that makes you feel like a kid again. It does wonders for your soul.

Say No

  • You don’t have time
  • You’re not into it
  • It doesn’t make you happy
  • It’s not worth your time
  • It’s not adding to your peace
  • It’s not for you
  • You just don’t want to

If any of those things go through your mind when someone extends an invite or you’re asked to do something, say no. Nothing will help you get out of a funk faster than being good to yourself. No is a complete sentence, after all.

Happy 2019, friends. I hope you’re all living your best life so far.

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