Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

A great dad is one whose simple presence makes a child feel safe, loved, and happy, and today is the day we celebrate the dads who did this every single day like it’s their job – because it is their job. Much like being a mother is the greatest and most rewarding job we ladies will ever do, being a father is the greatest and most rewarding job dads will ever do.

Today, I want to take a moment to celebrate not only my own dad and my father-in-law, but the man I chose to become the father of my own four babies. My husband was born to be a father, and anyone who knows him will agree. He was born for the role of daddy, and he exceeds in the role. One of the primary reasons I fell in love with my husband almost 20 years ago is the simple fact that I knew he’d be the best. He’s the best at everything he does. He’s naturally good at everything because he’s so intelligent, kind, and sincere. Being a father comes naturally to him.

I remember in our early engagement, he once told me that he’d never miss a game, he’d never miss a performance, and he’d never miss a doctor’s appointment. So far, he’s 100/100. His own dad worked away from home in other states and sometimes other countries (and we are talking Saudi Arabia here) and he missed the games, the practices, the performances, the events. He missed a lot. Not because he wanted to, but because that was the life his parents chose. His mom would stay here and raise him close to family and friends so he could have a normal childhood, and they’d visit his dad and his dad would come home as often as possible. They made it work, but my husband vividly remembers missing his dad; wishing he was in the stands at baseball games and there for the big events and award ceremonies. He missed having him home to play catch with in the yard and swim with on the weekends.

He missed out on a lot of things as a result, and my husband made it clear to me he did not want the same for our future babies. He is a family first, all the time, no matter what kind of guy. There is nothing more important in the world to my sweet husband than us. He was at every doctor appointment with me for all three pregnancies. He stayed in the hospital next to my bed every single time I gave birth. He never left my side – or our baby’s side. He woke up with me in the night to change diapers and make supplement bottles and he is the first person to correct you if you ask him if he’s ‘watching’ or ‘babysitting’ the kids while I’m out.

“No. I’m parenting my kids while Tiffany is out. I’m their dad. I don’t watch them or babysit them like extended family or hired help.”

He is the breakfast maker, the lunchbox packer, the bath giver, the boo-boo fixer, the tickler, the tucker-inner, the let me make sure you brushed your teeth correctly-er, the homework helper, the lets do cannon balls in the pool-er, the best daddy ever. He’s everything to these kids, and he is someone we celebrate everyday – not just Father’s Day.

He’s been there for them through everything. He cuddles them when they’re sick. He takes them to dinner on Thursday evenings and calls it Daddy Date Night. He takes Addison to school every single morning, and he picks her up every single afternoon. He’s the dad with all the pre-teen girls in the car because they decided at the last second they’re having a sleepover somewhere and all pile in after school. He knows all the words to every Taylor Swift song, and he knows what kind of shampoo and conditioner they use and he tightens all the goggles and cuts all their meat and knows all their friend’s parents and all their favorite foods and ice cream orders and which condiments they like on what.

He’s the knower of all the things (except where to find the stash of Publix bags that have literally been in the same place in the pantry since they day we bought this house even though he looked for ’15 minute and they weren’t there’ because there was one item in front of them and who moves items to check behind them, after all).

He’s the one the kids seek out if they have a bad dream or get sick in the middle of the night. He’s the one everyone wants to cuddle with when we watch family movies. He’s the one who plays football in the yard when our son and colors with the girls. He’s the one who is teaching our son to be a gentleman and our daughters to expect a gentleman. He’s the calm to my temper, the laid-back to my uptight, the reasonable explanation to my, “People are just fucking idiots,” and the one who gently reminds the kids that just because mommy can find a way to use the eff word multiple times in one sentence with various meanings does not ever make it appropriate (sorry, kids). He’s the patient one, the kind one, the one who makes us all feel safe.

He’s the best.

And, we are so thankful for him every single day. I am so thankful that he is the husband and father that he is, and I am so thankful that he’s the man raising our sweet babies. The greatest gift a child can have is a father who loves them, cares for them, and is present in their lives…and our kids have the best of the best.

Happy Father’s Day, honey.


And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads doing the best.

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