obe Fitness: My Favorite Classes and Instructors

Working out means something different to everyone. No two people will have the same answer if you ask them why they work out. Some may tell you that they’re afraid of being unhealthy, some may fear being fat, some may love to work out because they love to see what their bodies can do, others might enjoy it because it brings them a sense of calm and control in a chaotic world. If I’m being honest about why I love to work out, it’s going to be a multi-level answer.

The first and most important reason is that I’ve learned over the years that if I don’t work out one day, I have a nasty attitude and I struggle to sleep. I’m so disappointed in myself when I don’t work out for even just one day that I let it make me negative all day long. The second reason is that it just makes me feel so good. Working out allows me to minimize my own stresses in my mind by allowing me to sweat it out and take that time to think and focus. The final reason is that I enjoy being fit and healthy.

I spent years going to the gym every day, and I loved it. But, it also got to a point where the extra drive, the time, the running into people I know who want to chat every 3 minutes was just too much for me. I was leaving the gym feeling like my day had gotten away from me and I only had so much time to get home, shower, eat, and finish working before it was time to get the kids from school. When the gym closed for a month because of the pandemic in 2020, it was a blessing in disguise for me. I learned to work out at home – something I never thought I had the discipline for.

Turns out, I do. Anyone does, really. Now I work out 5-6 days a week using the Obe Fitness app on my iPad, and it’s been such a game changer. For one, I’ve realized how much I love classes rather than figuring out gym equipment (not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy going to our best friend’s beautiful home gym and letting our sweet friend (who is also an amazing trainer) kick our asses from time to time in a weight-lifting, machine-heavy hour (love you guys and those ass kicking days!). It’s so easy to use, so easy to navigate, and it is so easy to join a live class or re-take my favorite classes on repeat.

Because I love the app so much, and because I love my classes, I thought I’d share my favorites with anyone who is unfamiliar with the app. Download it. Don’t download it. Use it, or don’t; it’s fine either way, but if you are using it, try at least one of my favorite classes and/or instructors. They’re the best of the best.

Yoga Sculpt

I love a good yoga class, but I need one that makes me feel sweaty, hot, and worked. I need to be sore and to feel my body did some major work when I take a yoga class (though sometimes, you just know when your body needs one of those slow yoga classes where you practice your deep breathing and stretching). I’ve found that the yoga sculpt classes on the obe app are my favorites. Specifically, I really enjoying the classes taught by Eve C. and Alex S. They are the best!


Maybe there’s a small theme here…but I love a sculpt class. It’s a lot of reps, low weight, and I always leave these classes feeling where I worked my muscles the most. They’re full-body classes, too, so you always feel a good workout has been utilized. If you’re going to take a sculpt class with obe, I recommend taking one instructed by either Peter T. (he is literally the most entertaining person on the planet and his classes fly by thanks to his fabulous commentary throughout) or Liz C. (her classes are challenging and well-thought out and she’s very calm and relaxed throughout her classes). They are my favorites, but do try the other instructors, too; they’re all amazing!

Express Classes

To find these classes, the easiest way is to simply go down to the ‘class length’ option and choose 10 minutes. These are express classes, and you can find almost any type of class you want. There are yoga sculpts, sculpt classes, power, strength, pilates, dance cardio, you name it, they have it. What I love the most about these classes is you can choose a focus. Legs. Abs. Arms. Whatever you feel you want to target – and you can add them onto any class. It’s so good for me to take a 28-minute sculpt class and then add on a 10-minute ab class to the end of it for a 40-minute workout.

Additionally, these classes are beyond perfect for rushed days. I don’t always have the time for a full work out (hello, mom of four and business owner over here), but I always make time for at least a 10-minute express class. They’re hardcore because they’re short, and it feels so much better to get in at least 10 minutes than it does to get in no minutes.

**One of my favorite things about obe is the family/kids classes offered. Our 7-year-old twins love the kids’ yoga classes – and they use them all the time!

All right – try it out. I promise, you will love these classes. You can do them on-demand, which means you can go in the library of classes and find what you want and take the class anytime. Or, you can take the class live by checking out the schedule. The live rarely works for me during the school year when it’s all about getting the kids ready to go in the mornings, but it is amazing during the summer.

I promise you that you will love these courses, and I would love to hear which classes you like the best!


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