Five Summer Staples Under $100

Summer is HERE! Y’all already know this is my least favorite season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love certain things about summer. I really love not being 100% pasty. That 5% color I manage to hold onto throughout the summer is everything.

Summer means we’re all spending more time outside (wishing the humidity wasn’t a million percent and the mosquitoes didn’t exist), and I have a few things I just cannot live without this season. We are headed to the Caribbean in two weeks, and you can bet you’ll find all five of these UNDER $100 items in my luggage. They’re my favorite affordable summer staples, and I want to share them with you.


The Lilly Pulitzer Essie dress is hands-down my favorite style. I have this dress in almost every color/pattern, and I’m in love with it from start to finish. I bought the navy Essie two years ago for our best friends’ Fourth of July party, and I quickly began buying it each time a new style was introduced. The best part – it’s only $98!


This Peter Thomas Roth moisturizing lotion is my go-to summer lotion. I cannot tell you enough how much I’ve fallen in love with PTR products over the past year, and this is one that I cannot live without! It’s only $52, and it lasts forever.


I have been a lover of my Yeti cups for years now. I know the company is in the middle of a total political situation right now – but I don’t care. I have my own beliefs that don’t always align with those of the brands I shop, but I also love that living in America means we have freedom of speech. To me, this means we get to believe in what we want to believe in and respectfully disagree when our opinions don’t line up with those of others. So – I love my Yetis. We have like 20 Yeti cups in our house, and my most recent purchase was this coral 20 oz. customized with my name. Did I need another 20 oz. tumbler? No. Did I want the coral color? Yes. Prices vary.


The Tory Burch Mini Miller Jellies are the BEST flip-flops for beach days and pool days. I can get them as wet as I want, and they wipe right off. I love my regular Millers, but they were not meant to get wet. These jellies can be worn in the rain, the sun, the beach, the pool, on the boat, and anywhere in between. And they’re only $98.


The Tarte BB cream/primer is a recent favorite for summer. I always wear a primer and a BB cream under my foundation, but I’ve found that this amazing creation does both – and it’s SPF 30. We recently took our parents and our kids away for a long weekend, and I forgot to reapply my own sunblock throughout the day. I ended up super-burnt all over my body – except my face. This Tarte cream was all the magic for me. The best part is it’s only $37!

8 Colorful, Fun Scarves to Transition from Winter to Spring (Under $100)

Happy Monday!

I am so happy to start this week – the last month of my life has been the most stressful! I’ve been lying, sneaking around, acting like a shady beach…I’ve been planning a surprise party for my husband’s 35th birthday. And it made me a little crazy.

Let me tell you how difficult it is to surprise the person you’re married to in your own home and keep it together. The lies. The constant fear I’d ask him to respond to a text for me when I couldn’t and I’d forget the last message was party-related, the Facebook invite popping up on my home screen on my phone every time someone RSVP’d or posted.

Anyway, it turned out amazing, and I cannot even tell you how relieved I am not to have to carry my phone around with me everywhere I go out of sheer terror the surprise would be ruined if I left it in front of him and he saw an RSVP or a text or a confirmation email come through.

My heart legit cannot handle this kind of stress. But I’m so thankful it all turned out perfectly, and it was a surprise, and it was amazing! We have the best people in our lives, and we so appreciate all they bring to the table in terms of their friendship and love. We’re fortunate, and I love that.

Back to the point, though: Scarves.

Sure, it’s the end of January and everyone is ready for spring, but I have to talk about scarves. Last week I posted an Instagram roundup and I have never received more compliments or questions about a single item than the colorful scarf I was wearing in my Insta photo. We don’t have much use for scarves here in Florida, especially a blanket scarf. However, everyone was in love with the bright, bold colors.

They were described as refreshing, gorgeous, the perfect color combo, and everyone stated they were so happy to see colors like those in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, said scarf was a gift from my husband more than a year ago and it’s no longer available.

Because everyone loved it so much, I spent some time online looking for perfectly colorful, inexpensive, super fun scarves to help transition from the cold, bland, colorless winter to the bold and beautiful spring.


Free People Scarf – $40


Kate Spade Scarf – $98


Seafoam Scarf – $10


Art of Giving Color Block Scarf – $58


Violet Del Mar Scarf – $12.50


Gray and Peach Scarf – $8


Express Plaid Scarf – $31


Madewell Color Block Scarf – $55