Fall Bucket List

Happy fall, y’all.

I know I’m a few weeks late to the party, but you know the drill. I’ve been busy, guys! I’m always busy. I don’t love that my calendar is never empty, but busy is just a way of life sometimes when you’ve got four little ones and stuff. But, it’s fall, it’s my favorite time of year, and it’s literally the best of the best of the best right now. Try arguing with me about why this is not the most fabulous time of the year, I dare you.

In honor of the fact that it’s not only fall but also October, which is the official start of the holiday season (my three favorites right in a row), I thought we’d talk about fall a bit. A few of my fall favorites, if you will. A sort of fall bucket list you can use to help you get into the fall spirit now that the weekend is here (we are choosing to ignore the 90-degree temps, the incessant love bugs, and the lack of anything that feels like fall around here, mmmkay?).

Weekend is officially here, so here’s a list of things to try this fall that will help put you in the holiday spirit. They’re simple, they’re fun, and they’re going to make it worth your while to enjoy a few of them.

  • Light a fall candle (my favorites are from Bath and Body Works)
  • Bake fall cookies (not everyday cookies. Fall cookies).
  • Sit around a fire and roast some marshmallows (Floridians, hold marshmallows on a stick outside your car door…same effect).


  • Watch Hocus Pocus
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Find a pumpkin patch
  • Take fall photos
  • Go fall wardrobe shopping
  • Book a trip somewhere the leaves are changing and the weather is beautiful
  • Open the doors and windows (if you can do that and not die of heat)
  • Decorate your home for Halloween and/or fall
  • Take an evening walk
  • Make cinnamon rolls
  • Bake a pie
  • Plan a friendsgiving
  • Go find pinecones and let the kids paint them and make some crazy outdoor art with them
  • Watch Gator Football
  • Make chili
  • Bake pumpkin pumpkin bread
  • Drink a holiday-ish beverage

Try one, try them all, mark them off as you go. Whatever works for you is what works for me, but these are some of our favorite things to do in the fall around our house. We have to stretch a bit in the Sunshine State since it’s 90+ degrees, humid, and the lovebugs are insane, but we make it work (i.e. we crank down the AC until it’s cool enough in the house to pretend like it’s fall outside the house).

What do you love to do this time of year that makes it feel like fall where you are?

Cozy Fall Moments With Wayfair: How I Bring Fall to Florida Year With My Decor Year After Year


fall 10

Being a lifelong Floridian probably makes it a little ironic fall is my favorite season, but I like to be a little bit of a rebel. So what if it’s 96 degrees today? My front door is flanked with fresh mums (not yet dead from my lack of green thumb) and my house is filled with the fragrant smell of fall-scented candles. Fall is special in my heart, and I only care a teeny tiny little bit that I’m still sweaty and hot and miserable the moment I open the front door.

Inside – it’s fall. And my electric bill shows just how hard I’m trying to make that a reality in my house! It’s college football season (Go Gators!). It’s my birthday (yay!), and it’s pumpkin spice season. What’s not to love? The hope that the nights will one day become cooler, the humidity will disappear, and a good hair day could happen ANY moment gives me life this time of year. And I work hard to ensure my husband and our kids love this time of year as much as I. Cozy fall moments are the ones I live for, and that’s why I’m sharing with you how I bring a little bit of fall to Florida even when Mother Nature is laughing at me.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere

It’s not fall if you don’t have pumpkins taking up every square inch of space in your home, and I love these little faux pumpkins I have all over my home. My kids actually picked them out a few years ago at Target. They fell in love with the sparkles, and who can say no to a couple of sweet faces? Or sparkly pumpkins? No one. That’s who.

fall 9

The Scent of Fall

So…fall in Florida does not smell much like crisp air and cool breezes. It smells a little more like sweat and freshly mowed grass and sunscreen. Okay, okay. It smells just like summer. Outside, that is. In my house, it’s all about the scent of fall. I am such a huge fan of Bath and Body Works fall scents (here, here, and here are my favorites), and I really love when they are on sale for $12.50 (which seems to happen every other week or so!). You won’t find a room in my house without a fall scented candle.

fall 12

This time of year I also switch up our hand soap in the laundry room, kitchen, and all the bathrooms (and my body lotion, too) to include the fall scents from Bath and Body Works. What can I say? I want everything to smell like a pumpkin and some crisp fall air. It makes me happy.

fall 4

fall 14

Read Between the Lines

Who doesn’t love a fun sign? We do in our house, and we love them even more during fall when they have fun sayings (and GLITTER!) on them. We hang them up, prop them up, and basically make sure everyone who comes into our home knows it’s fall because they’re reading it on the signs. They might not feel it, but they can read it.

fall 5

Always Fresh Flowers

Fun fact about me: You will never once walk into my home and not find fresh flowers everywhere. The master, the bathrooms, the entry, the kitchen, the mantel, our home office…fresh flowers are so near and dear to my heart. When fall arrives (unofficially on September 1st in our home) I immediately begin purchasing only “fall” flowers.

fall 3

Mums by the front door. Sunflowers in the office. And while I know roses and Gerber daisies aren’t ‘fall’ flowers, I buy them in fall colors and make them fall-like. Reds, yellows, oranges, and a mixture of white makes everything more fun. I also sometimes throw them in a fun fall vase to add a little ambiance. There’s something so gorgeous about flowers in bold fall colors that adorn the top of my favorite accent tables like these fun nesting tables in my home office or this fun faux-marble coffee table in our sitting room, all from Wayfair!

fall 1

Gimme All the Coffee Mugs

If you love coffee mugs, you’ll really love my house. I have a mug obsession, and even my husband wonders why I feel the need to own a mug for every day of my life. He might not get it, but he supports my addictions both to coffee and mugs in which to put cup after cup. This fun fall cup came straight from Etsy – my favorite place for fun coffee mugs.

fall 7

We might not get much in the way of cool weather here, but the end of September does bring with it a small change in the morning air. The humidity hovers around 75% and the temps about the same, which is basically a cold winter’s day. I like to come home in the morning after dropping our kids off at school and take my coffee and my laptop onto our back deck to sit and work until it gets too hot. It’s my way of pretending it’s fall (and you can find my fun deck table from Wayfair HERE).

fall 6

Family Fun

I think what I love the most about fall is the family time. The sun sets a little earlier so it’s not quite as warm outside in the evenings, and we find ourselves outside night after night with the kids playing on the trampoline, running around the yard playing ball, taking bike rides or golf cart rides through the neighborhood, playing with our sidewalk chalk, and basically having fun. We spend more time at Disney with the glorious fall décor. We bake a little more this time of year, and I love that the kids love it.

fall 8

We sit down together as a family every year (well, this will be the first year the twins join us since they’re no longer begging for bed at 6:30 every night) as a family to drink hot chocolate and watch “Hocus Pocus” and we roast marshmallows on the back deck in the fire pit. We make s’mores. We just tend to spend so much more time together – and that’s the kind of cozy fall moments I long for all year.

fall 11

{ Fall Wreath from Wayfair HERE }

Happy Fall, y’all.

I’d love to hear what you do to embrace fall with your own family!