Last-Minute Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Littles

Happy Wednesday, loves!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but doesn’t it feel like it snuck right up on us? I can’t even believe it’s here already, yet here it is in all its glory. I mean, we have a whole year’s notice, and here I am the day before scrambling to put together class gifts and cheer sister gifts for 100 kids – and kicking myself for waiting until the last minute.

Okay, so I remembered on Sunday, ordered a quick Hershey Bar Valentine’s Wrapper for $4 on Etsy to personalize, and thought I was winning at life. Until yesterday, when I remembered that PDF has to have all the kids’ names added to the wrappers so I can send them to Office Max to have them printed. And then I promptly forgot to have them cut for me. So I’m looking forward to a late night of all that with my husband tonight – because hot dates and who has time for that stuff?

We get to cut 100 wrappers, and then we get to affix them to 100 Hershey bars.

Wrapper PDF from Etsy – $4

Printing 100 Wrappers at Office Max – $25

100 full-size Hershey Bars – $60

Mom-failing until the last minute – priceless. Or maybe like $6,000 in therapy costs that I’ll eventually need one day. It could go either way.


In the Raiford household, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s a romantic holiday. My husband and I use any excuse to be romantic – which means celebrating our romance on Tuesday, or Friday, or Sunday afternoon. Whatever – we really like each other, so we are all about romance on the daily, and we have been the past 17 years.

Now that we have kids, it seems like Valentine’s is all about them and their lives. Their class parties and something sweet for them, and we kind of love that. We love celebrating our love for them on a day that’s special to them, and that’s what it’s all about for us. And that brings me to the point of this post – a couple of cute, last-minute Valentine gift ideas for your littlest loves if you didn’t think to celebrate them or you simply didn’t realize tomorrow is the big day.

Valentine’s Shirts

Our kids love a cute Valentine’s shirt, and we always make sure we have one for them when they wake up. It’s a fun idea for them to wear to school for the day – not that they will all wear them in the morning. Some will wait until Friday. Or never. Or Christmas. But, the point is that they love them.

Valentine Pajamas

Our kids also love some cute Valentine Pajamas, which always make them happy. They are weirdly obsessed with pajamas, and I dig it. It’s a total bonus if you can find coordinating jammies for all the kids. They especially love that in our house.

Hersheys and M&Ms

What’s sweet about being someone’s Valentine is getting something sweet to eat. Our kids love Hershey kisses and M&Ms, so we always make sure they have some in their Valentine bag. It might just be their favorite treat.

Donuts for Breakfast

Who doesn’t love to go out and get heart-shaped donuts on Valentine’s? My husband runs out and grabs those in the morning so the kids can have them for breakfast. It’s another favorite tradition from us to them.


No matter what we say or do – my sweet husband always sends me flowers on Valentine’s Day, and he always sends the girls their own flowers, too. It’s a sweet treat for them to get their own bouquet of flowers, and he always sends them from both himself and our son.

He’s the absolute sweetest, and that’s why everyday is Valentine’s Day in our house.

3 Perfectly Pink Valentine’s Day Cocktails with Santa Margherita and Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Happy Friday!

It’s weekend, it’s time for some fun, and it’s definitely only 5 days before Valentine’s Day. If you’re anything like my husband and I, you might just call Valentine’s Day another day and go about life as usual (by giving chocolate hearts to the kids and then telling them they’re gross and they don’t want them so you can binge eat them all yourself…because love).

We do a card exchange. He sends me flowers. We buy little gifts for the kids. But we don’t celebrate. We went out to dinner once on Valentine’s Day – what a disaster. Oh my goodness. We went to one of our favorite restaurants with the intention of lingering over our favorite meal and a bottle of wine only to realize the menu was Prix Fixe with approximately zero of our favorite items. The staff practically shoved our food down our throats, asked us three times if we wanted to box up our food and cork our bottle to take home, and brought the check before we even took a bite of dinner.

Romantic, right?

I guess turnover is a big deal on such a ‘romantic’ evening.

Never. Ever. Again.

Since then, we’ve stayed home, made our own delicious meal, drank too much wine, and added four kids to the mix.

Romantic, right?

Forced romance and love isn’t our jam, but these amazing cocktails are my jam. I’ve teamed up with Bruce Cost Ginger Ale and Santa Margherita to bring you some of the prettiest – and tastiest – Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes. If you’re not feeling romantic, you will be when you’re done with these.


Sparkling Hibiscus

Ingredients – Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG, whole hibiscus flowers packed in 8 tsp. hibiscus syrup

Using a tall glass, place one entire hibiscus flower in the bottom of the glass and cover it with Santa Margherita  Prosecco Superiore DOCG. Leave enough room to add 2 tsp. of hibiscus syrup into the glass, mix, garnish, and serve.


Rose Petal Rose Flor

Ingredients – 1 bottle Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose, pink rose petals

Fill your favorite champagne glass with Santa Margherita Sparkling Rose and add a few rose petals to the top. It’s delish, it’s simple, and it’s oh-so elegant.


Flor Adora 

Ingredients – 3/4 oz. lemon juice, 3/4 oz. raspberry gum syrup, 1.5 oz. plymouth gin, 4 oz. Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Original

This recipe might still be pink, but it’s a little more masculine than the others on this list. It’s also so simple to make you just mix everything in a glass and mix it. Garnish with a fresh raspberry and enjoy.

Pick one, pick three – you can’t go wrong with any of them. Maybe try them all each night leading up to Valentine’s Day and pick your favorite for your big celebration at home. Seems like a win, right?

{All photos courtesy of Santa Margherita and Bruce Cost Ginger Ale}